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The Privilege Collection

Bringing Positivity and Awareness to the Idea that We Are All Privileged to be Americans

– Work For Your American Dream!

– Serve Others to Provide the American Dream!

– Denigration based on Skin Color is Wrong

– Judging Privileged or Poor based on Skin color is Ignorant

– Unite as Americans and Lift Others Up with your Service and Work Ethic!

Worked For My Privilege®

– The Freedom to Work for Your Dreams is a Privilege America Provides

– Work Ethic is a Hallmark of Virtue

– Work Ethic Defines our Souls for Others

– Make Working for your Privilege the True North of your Moral Compass


a belief in work as a moral good : a set of values centered on the importance of doing work

and reflected especially in a desire or determiniation to work hard

Worked For My Privilege

Worked For My Privilege™ T-Shirt


Served for My Privilege™

– America Provides Us All the Freedom to Choose a Life Path

– Many Serve to Protect this Privilege

– And by doing so, Manifest Their Own American Dream

– Serving Others to Provide the Privilege of Freedom is a Higher Calling

“We sleep safely at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who whould harm us.”

– Winston Churchill

Served for My Privilege - Green - Silhoeutte

Served for my Privilege™ Silhouette on Military Green


Represent the Sacrifice

As of 2020, only about 300,000 World War II veterans are left alive with nearly 245 dying per day

I’ve found veterans who have experienced real combat do not want to discuss it, let alone put on the air of bravado by announcing on their clothing that they were in combat.

But the world needs the voices of experience to share the importance of the Freedom America provides and the toll that was paid and must continue to be paid for the Privilege all Americans enjoy.

Some of my greatest memories are hearing stories from my Grandpa and neighbors about their experience in the greatest conflict of all time.

The Bled for my Privilege­­™ hat is a Limited Edition and availability will end when the last survivor of World War II has passed on.

By wearing the hat, a WWII veteran signals that he is open to talking and sharing his life experience so that we may all learn from the Greatest Generation.

All Profits from Bled for my Privilege will be Donated to: THE GREATEST GENERATION FOUNDATION more

Please Donate Directly to The Greatest Generation Foundation so their sacrifices can be a guiding light for future generations: DONATE

Bled For My Privilege

Bled For My Privilege™ (Real Tree Camo Hat)



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